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About us

More than 40 years ago, Emile Boucqueau left Waterloo for South India. After a few years in the service of exiled Tibetan children and the social service of the bishopric of Pondicherry, he decided to work alone to help orphan girls attend school.

Emile, founder of the association, lives in India and always participates in the smooth running of the association.
But given his age, he gave up his place as President to Mr. Willy Lambert in 2011. For personal reasons, Mr. Lambert has wished to remain a donor but no longer ensure the Presidency of PHEBS in 2016.
In 2017, Mrs. Adèle Stimart continues this mission and sincerely honors all the hard work done by her predecessors.
Volunteer between 1999 and 2003 at PHEBS and donor, she worked 14 years in the disabled person's sector (accommodation and open environment). Now, Provincial Coordinator for Social Action of the Belgian Red Cross, mother of two children, she remains very attached to India and the association.

In 1999, Maria was already secretary of PHEBS and Leema in school. It is they who are now the mainstay of the association. They know the children and their families but also - and this point is not the least - the culture of their country. The other members of the team rely entirely on their expertise and support their request. They create a valuable complementarity to meet the mission we pursue together.

Our team:

The Staff:
Maria Philomene: former student of the association ET Vice-president of PHEBS
Leema Rose: former student of the association ET Secretary of PHEBS
Emile Boucqueau: Founder AND Treasurer of PHEBS
Adèle Stimart: President of PHEBS

Kavitha provide the housekeeping and maintenance of the apartment

The members of the committee:
Staff + Indian residents: Asheela (teacher), Sagayamary (social worker) and Muraly (web designer) all three alumni of the association, Malathy (accountant to the Government of India), Ejoumale and Abel (Pondicherry professional watercolourists, well known in France and Belgium), Father Dhanam (Priest and referent of a center for young boys with aim of professional reintegration)


For any questions or additional information, please contact
Maria, Vice President: pheb.society@gmail.com
or Adèle, President: adelestimart@gmail.com

Thank you


From left to right: Mrs Malathy, Saguayamary, Leema Rose, Mr Murali, Ejoumale, Adèle,                                                            Father Dhanam                          Abel                                     Asheela
Emile Appa, Maria Philomene