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                                               PONDICHERRY HIGHER EDUCATION BENEFITS SOCIETY (PHEBS)
                                                                     "Education for all: our motto"

                                                                                                          Students PHEBS meeting- January 2017

PHEBS is a non-governmental Indian and lay organization composed of employees and volunteers.

It was founded by Mr. Emile BOUCQUEAU, who is also his treasurer. Nicely nicknamed "Emile Appa", Mr. Emile Boucqueau is a Belgian from Waterloo. He came to India at the age of 46.

He then founded the association on March 1985 to help educate orphans when he realized that only education has the power to change a child's destiny.

In India, the school is not free and there is still a lot of work before all Indian children are equal before access to schooling ...

Our association struggles to allow this access to orphans or for children living in extreme poverty.

In order that all boys and girls can create a future worthy of their talents and skills, PHEBS commits itself, to the extent of its possibilities and by analyzing each request, to pay all or part of the costs related to their schooling (uniforms, books, travel expenses sometimes important, boarding fees, ...) 


On the spot, two social workers receive the requests, evaluate them, visit the families, look for the school which is appropriate for each child and ensure the social and school follow-up.

They are supported by other members of the team working for the association but also by students (current or former) of PHEBS.

Collaboration with everyone is done on site at regular official meetings or occasional festivities / meetings.

The collaboration with the President, Adèle, is done by whatsapp every week, mails every day and her annual visit to Pondicherry.

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