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"Thanks PHEBS

                      I am Leonard. I'm really proud to be part of PHEBS. It is a great pleasure to give my point of view on PHEBS. I was enrolled in PHEBS when I was studying second. For fifteen years, PHEBS has had my dreams. And it helped me realize my dreams. Now I am studying mastery. Integrated economy in 4th year. And I became an actor and presenter in a national media called Dhoordharshan Kendra. Without PHEBS, I will not be able to do these things. PHEBS carved me like a statue of a stone. Still, I need to accomplish more things and I am ready to help PHEBS as best I can. Thank you PHEBS for being with me and my family ... We love you so much ...

Leonard "


"First of all, my sincere wishes to all,

       I am M.NANDINI and I completed my degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2014. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2017 at the College of Engineers of Pondicherry. I have a brother M.NARENDAR, he also did a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. As my father and mother had serious health problems. They can not pay the fees for our schooling. At that time, Phebs helped me to continue my studies. Thanks to the donations of my sponsors, I was able to finish my studies. They play a vital role in completing my studies. Now I am looking for a job. If I get a job, I will definitely help students study. I learned a lot from Phebs. Today, I am enthusiastic thanks to all the sponsors who helped me for my studies ...
                            Thank you,
                                                        M.NANDINI. "

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Adèle Stimart,
30 mai 2018 à 07:52